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Joseph L. Rotman School of Management
The OMNIUM Global Executive MBA is designed to maximize participants' learning opportunities by spanning geographic borders and transcending cultural barriers. The program is delivered over eighteen months and classes take place during six residential modules. The program starts with module 1 in Toronto at the Rotman School of Management, module 2 in Brazil, module 3 in Hong Kong and Shanghai, module 4 in Switzerland and Hungary, module 5 in India, and module 6 back at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto. MORE DETAILS

♦ % Program Name : Omnium Global Executive MBA

♦ Average Years Work: 12 (years)

♦ Accredited by: University of Toronto

♦ Average Programme Duration: 18 (months)

♦ Average Total Tuition Fees: $85,000 (Canadian Dollars)

♦ Class Size : 29

♦ International Trip : No

♦ Average Management Experience : 7 (years)

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